Vision & Values

Vision & Values


The Federation aims to be a leading symbol among other international federations and teams of the two sports.


  • Self-confidence: Build a strong enough citizen capable of defending himself, his family and his community.
  • Professionalism: Qualify highly competent and professional players.
  • Continuous development: Continuously develop our performance and resources in a most professional manner.
  • Team work: We believe in the importance of cooperation, synergy and sharing knowledge and experience.
  • Recognition of achievements: We appreciate and cherish achievements by providing incentives at all levels.
  • Sportsmanship: We believe in the importance of respect and fair play rules.

Strategic Goals

  • Contributing to building a strong generation able to defend themselves.
  • Providing a competitive and efficient environment to qualify players for international events, according to highest world standards.
  • Spreading the culture of Muay Thai and kickboxing, and promote hygienic practices though the Federation’s activities.
  • Enhancing sports excellence through effective local, regional and international partnerships.
  • Efficient management of technical and human resources.